Aurora ( is hiring for interns and full time positions

  v  Aurora ( is hiring for interns and full time positions

o   Computer vision,
o   Robotics,
o   Planning and control,
o   Software engineering and
o   Machine learning.
  ü  Aurora is pursuing full self-driving— one of the greatest research challenges of our generation. We’re taking a blank slate approach: combing modern ML/AI with rigorous engineering to crack the nut of full autonomy. We’re looking for passionate programmers, ml experts, and roboticists who want to tackle this challenge and change the world.
  ü  Aurora is led by CMU alum Chris Urmson, who understands the challenges of autonomy as well as anyone I know. If you’re interested in research with impact, please apply. It’s the strongest group I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with on a project and I personally find the chance to learn and to make a difference unmatched.

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